Free Bike Exchange Program.

Trade in and up size your child’s old bike.

Our Free Bike Exchange Program

When we started our business at the end of 2015, we were donating all of the children’s bikes to The Cridge Centre for the Family. We soon found that we were receiving far more bikes than they needed so we decided to extend our offer to people that could use a break from the financial stresses of a fast growing youth…. or 2, or more!

That’s when we decided to start our free Children’s Bike Exchange program. If parents don’t have a bike to trade-in on their first visit, we are more than happy to donate your child’s first bike to you. All we ask is, when they outgrow it and need to size-up, bring it back and trade it in again for a bigger bike, again for no charge. We offer this exchange on bikes up to and including 18″ wheel diameter to ensure that kids not only have a bike to ride but also have the right size bike.

All of us here at the shop understand the financial challenges that parents go through to raise a family. We all have to live within our budget which quite often affects the ability for parents to provide their children with other experiences they wish they could afford, and kids unfortunately can be deprived of the thrill of simply riding their own bicycle for the first time.

All of the bikes have been inspected to make sure that they are as safe as possible. We’ve been actively promoting the children’s bike exchange program so as many families as possible can take advantage of this free service that we offer as well as our free registration.

We have been donating bicycles to families in need through The Cridge Centre for the Family as well as Bicycles for Humanity (B4H victoria). B4H sends donated bikes to Malawi Africa to help less fortunate people, making their lives a little easier by giving them access to simple, environmentally friendly, and necessary transportation.

Looking For Volunteers! Due to the incredibly positive response to our free children's bike exchange program, we're finding ourselves in need of some people with a bit of bicycle repairing skills to help us keep up the flow of children's bikes. If you would like to help out with a great children's program and help put a great big smile on some kids faces, please feel free to contact us.

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