FAQ and Policy

The Challenge

How do you get your bikes?
Mostly from donation’s or trade-in’s, but we have also received bike’s from a number of metal recycling companies, from several property management companies clearing out bicycle’s abandoned in their bike locker’s, a number of local bike shop’s, and we’ve even had bike’s donated to us by the Sooke R.C.M.P. We soon hope to be working with the C.R.D. to start diverting ALL of the bikes from the Hartland Landfill Site.

The Solution

How do you know they aren’t stolen bikes?
Any questionable bike that come through our shop have their numbers check with Sean Millard at the Victoria Police Department and we get email confirmations on all of the numbers we check. We don’t generally buy bikes to detour people from trying to sell us stolen bikes.

Are you a “not for profit” business?
We are technically a “for profit” business, but in the 18 months we been in business we have yet to pay ourselves. We do volunteer a vast amount of our own time and resources into our free children’s bike exchange as well as collecting, sorting, and stocking bikes and bike parts destined for Malawi, Uganda, and Namibia through Bicycles for Humanity (B4H Victoria division). We do hope to make a living from our efforts.

If you give away free bikes how do you make money to survive?
We do donate a lot of children’s bike’s and provide bikes for The Transition House at The Cridge Centre for the Family, as well as helping Syria refugees. Right now we rely on customers needing routine maintenance and on sales of bicycles from 20″ wheel size, up to full size adult bikes to cover our expenses.

What condition does a bike need to be in to be accepted for a donation?
It doesn’t matter what the condition or the size is. If it can be repaired we will repair it, and if it’s rusted we will use what parts we can to fix other bikes. Every bike and part that we won’t use is boxed up and sent to Africa through Bicycles for Humanity. If it’s just scrap metal, we will make sure it gets to a local metal recycling company. We also accept anything bicycle related including accessories such as helmets, lights, pads, fenders, racks, tires & tubes, etc.

Looking For Volunteers! Due to the incredibly positive response to our free children's bike exchange program, we're finding ourselves in need of some people with a bit of bicycle repairing skills to help us keep up the flow of children's bikes. If you would like to help out with a great children's program and help put a great big smile on some kids faces, please feel free to contact us.

1112 Goldstream Ave. Victoria BC V9B 2Y8


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